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Kira Soy Wax Tablet

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Just in time for the gifting season! Each piece is individually handcrafted with soy wax and beautiful dried flowers so no two pieces are the same! Great for perfuming small spaces such as your workspace or closet and eliminating odours in your bathroom. It can also double up as a home decor piece. Our Kira Soy Wax Tablets emits a light and fresh fragrance and can be hung easily with the lace ribbon that comes with it. Each soy wax tablet comes in a box, ready to be gifted!

Comes in 3 scents- 

Cream Coffee (Dark Brown)
French Vanilla (Light Taupe)
Lemon Verbena (Light Sage)

Dimensions: 9cm x 5cm x 0.8cm

Product care: Do not ignite.